Sojourner Essay

The name of the Pathfinder should be Sojourner Truth. I chose Sojourner because she was a heroine to Blacks, slaves, and women. She acted on her strong feelings about life and the way it should be. Her greatest companions were God and her beliefs. Her greatest achievements included the book of her life written through her by a friend, meeting President Lincoln, meeting President Grant, her speeches and tours, her work at hospitals for soldiers during the Civil War, and her intellect (considering that she was illiterate). She went on many journeys and told many truths. She spoke with such eloquence that she moved people with simple words and understandings.

It's only logical that the Pathfinder be named Sojourner Truth, because she is on a journey to find truths about Mars. The Pathfinder should be able to have strong personalities in order to go under harsh conditions like that on Mars. Truth, while on tours, went under many harsh conditions. Even before, she went under harsh conditions as a slave.

Like Sojourner, the Pathfinder should be able to survive with what she already has. She should not need any extra equipment for surviving. The Pathfinder could use its feet like wheels, for transportation. Sojourner used her feet to travel a lot.

To research Mars, first, Sojourner would find out all she could about it. She always tried to understand further about what she was fighting for. When she got her information; she would use this information in Mars to study it more and add it to hers. She would act quickly to get what she wanted or what she felt was needed. Her talents in her work would be the same on Mars. She would use her eloquent voice and powerful actions. You must admit, Sojourner and the Pathfinder are important.

by Valerie Ambroise, 1994