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Books and Literature


African American Images
Publisher and distributor of Africentric and Afrocentric black books.
African American Literature Book Club
Increasing knowledge of the richness that is African American Literature.
African By Nature
An independent, critical thinking, progressive, store front and information center.
Celebrating the African American experience!
Black Books Galore!
Dedicated to the distribution of quality books for African American children and home to the Black Books Galore! Guide to Great African American Children's Books.
Brown Sugar & Spice Books
African-American & Multicultural Books
C & B Books
The World's Largest African-American Bookstore
The Hogarth Blake E-Book Library
Socially aware literature; many titles available for free!
Positive, informal learning experiences for children and their families through cultural entertainment and adventure. Site features "Tell Me Who I Am," a newly created animated cartoon targeting African-American children.
The Black Literary Showcase
Featuring Positive African American Plays For Children
Pan African Connection
Art Gallery, Bookstore and Resource Center – The Best Short Trip to Africa Without Getting on an Airplane
Powell's Books: African American Studies
Used, New, and Out of Print - The Black Book Review Online
The first and last word on books by and about our experience.
Sisterspace and Books
The nation's only African American women-owned and operated bookstore specializing in books by and about African American women.

Authors and Books

Note: We haven't read, nor are we endorsing the following books. However, we did find the titles of these books to be interesting.

Angela Whitterson
A new up and coming author of 3 books of fiction and 1 book of nonfiction.
Black Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Years of Success
A book by Keith C. Holmes that identifies Black inventors from over seventy-one countries including Africa, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, Russia, United Kingdom and almost all fifty states in the United States.
Brooke Stephens Online
15-year veteran of Wall Street, Financial Advisor and author of:
Brandon Massey
Author of the new suspense novel "Thunderland"
Carol Gee
Author of "Diary of A Flygirl Wannabe"
Changing Faces: America's Wealth Advisors
James Robinson's powerful and extensive guide to help beginning minority and multicultural Financial Services Professionals build rewarding careers.
Christopher R. Obie
Author of the Dumisai And The Covenant Of The Ancestors, a powerful blend of African sorcery, spiritual mysticism and stark realism combining to create an adventurous coming-of-age tale!
Donna Y. Ford
Author of Reversing Underachievement Among Gifted Black Students and Multicultural Gifted Education.
H. Lewis Smith
Author of "Bury That Sucka! A Scandalous Love Affair With The N-Word"
Hope C. Clarke
Author of "Shadow Lover" and "Pent Up Passion"
Johnson Publication Archives Online (Google Books)
Julius E. Thompson
Author of "A Brownstone in Brooklyn", "Philly Style & Philly Profile", "The Ghosts of Atlanta" and "Phantoms of Rockwood".
Kanko (a.k.a. Kenneth Bowens)
Author of "Dirtied Brown Leaves", an unsettling story of African American rage.
Karen E. Quinones Miller
Author of "Satin Doll" and "I'm Telling".
Letts Dream Big Publishing
Sylvia Willis Lett, Author of "For Christina's Sake" and "I Wish I Had Waited".
Linda Mayfield-Hayes
Author of "Afroetry", Afrocentric Poetry That Educates & Motivates.
My Father Has Left Me And I'm About to Go Off!
A book by Dr. Ronald Brown, that examines the feelings many male Black teens experience, when the stability of their family unit is threatened by separation or divorce.
Nea Anna Simone
Author of "Reaching Back", a compelling tale of survival, ambition, determination and a glimpse into a time where skin color made all the difference among the black middle class in America.
Patti Flinn
Author of the novel "The List".
Paul Obinna
Creator of the TIMELINETM, 8000 Years Of African & European History On One Scroll
The How To Guide for Tracing African-American and West Indian Roots Back to Africa and Going There
Shelia M. Goss
Author of "My Invisible Husband" and "Roses are Thorns, Violets are True".
T. Arnold Powell
Author of "Most Likely To...", a story of love, guile, deceit and the will of a man destined most likely to succeed.
Teddy Crispin
From France, Teddy Crispin shares his poetry, ideas and thoughts about today's world, with all poetry and literature lovers, as well as good-willed people throughout the world.
Theresa J. Gonsalves
Author of "Obsessions", the shocking true story of the real Billie Jean in Michael Jackson’s life and the obsession that almost killed her!
Zora Neale Hurston
One of the greatest writers/anthropologists of the 20th century.

Other Literature
African American clip art, educational books, software and historical videos.
An online creative consultancy that specialises in creating poetry inspired by African names.
African American Artists
An on-line portal for both African America Artists and African American History.
African American Writers
A comprehensive compliation of African American Writers and Poets created by Virginia Vesper of the Middle Tennessee State University Library.
Black Comic Strips
  • The Boondocks
    by Aaron McGruder
  • Candorville by Darrin Bell
    An upbeat comic strip about a diverse group of friends in the inner city.
  • Ghettostone Publications Company
    Featuring Urban Stories Derived From Inner City Mythology And Around The Way Heroes!
  • Housebroken by Steve Watkins
    Bankrupt rap star pit bull upturns the life of his middle class African American attorney and his family.
  • Jumpstart by Robb Armstrong
    An authentic, positive representation of middle-class African Americans with charm and insight born of personal experience.
  • Mama's Boyz by Jerry Craft
    Follow the lives of the Porters, an African-American family that lives in a large city.
  • Pioneering Cartoonists of Color by Tim Jackson
    A salute to the early pioneers of Color who created & drew comics & cartoons during the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s.
Black Issues Book Review
Dedicated to African American Perspectives in the Arts and Letters
Home of the African American Online Writers Guild, an information resource and networking organization formed to educate, inspire, support and promote aspiring and published African American writers.
Cave Canem
A Home for Black Poetry
Chistell Publishing
Publisher of several powerful books for women, including "Portia" and "Love Has Many Faces" by author Dennis Turney.
chance22 Publishing
The Hurston/Wright Foundation
The nation's resource center for writers, readers and supporters of Black Literature
Journey's End Literary Club
KITABU Publishing, LLC
Laguna Mobilization 2/21 Writers' Group
Articles written by Africans from the United States with strong opinions about various aspects of life as it affects African people everywhere.
Lets Talk Honestly
An African American Poetry Web Site
MystNoir African-American Mysteries
A website dedicated to promoting African-American mystery writers and mystery writers who have an African-American as their main character.
The Reading and Writing SISTAZ (R.A.W. SISTAZ) Online Book Club focuses on reading, writing, and discussing books primarily by African American Authors.
Sensual Women Audio Book/Book Club
Stories, Poetry and Essays with an African-American Flavor
Urban Prince Publishing
Publishers of the novel, "Sin in Soul's Kitchen"
Yahoo! Groups: SciFiNoir2
SciFiNoir2 is a community of people of color with a deep appreciation for any and all things speculative fiction.
Yahoo! Groups: SciFiNoir_Lit
SciFiNoir Literature is a community of people of color with a deep appreciation for science fiction Literature.

Updated March 28, 2020
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